Multi-Discipline Engineering:

Mechanical, Civil & Structural, Process, Electrical Instrumentation & Controls 

Areas of Practice

Facilities – OIL & GAS

Hycroft has worked on over one hundred projects in refining, terminals, oil and gas facilities.  Our expertise ranges from working on small operations and maintenance projects located in remote areas to providing our in-house commissioning software tool that is being utilized for new refinery valued over $10 Billion.          

pipelines – Oil & GAS

Hycroft engineering have managed over thirty pipeline projects throughout western Canada. Our pipeline engineering design and management experience includes upstream, midstream and downstream pipelines and stations in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. Our team has expertise in pipeline reactivation, conversion from sweet to sour pipelines, HDD, aerial crossings, and small bore to large bore pipelines for oil, gas, HVP, LVP and water services.          

mining & OIL SANDS

Hycroft has worked on several projects in mining and oil sands projects. Our company have completed over 1000 specifications and procedures related to safe operation and client specifications. 


Sample Projects

Data Books & Procedures

Hycroft has completed over 400 pre-commissiong, commissioning, operations maintenance manuals and data books.                  

Power Substation Upgrades

Hycroft has engineers with substation upgrade experience. Including metering upgrades, protection upgrades, MCC replacements, PDC replacements, upgrade control systems, power studies, maintenance programs and lock out procedures. 

Meter Upgrades

Hycroft has worked on several projects to replace obsolete gas meters or install new meters to work with operations requirements. Hycroft has been in a range of meter replacement project ranging from 2" to 12" meters.                                                                                                               

Operations and Maintenance

Hycroft specializes in multi-discipline operations & maintenance projects (O&M). Hycroft delivers engineering work packages to fit a wide variety of sizes of projects to fit the budget and schedule goals of the client. 

Metering Stations

Hycroft has produced turn key solutions for several meter station replacements. This includes instrumentation, piping, controls and communications. 

CPC RTU Upgrades

Hycroft has provided the conceptual design, estimates, detailed engineering and construction support of over 15 remote terminal units (RTU's) that were required to be replaced due to obsolete or malfunctioning equipment.                  

Large Bore Valve & ACTUATOR Replacement

Hycroft has done complete upgrade of obsolete 36" and 30" station by-pass and line break valves to ensure pipeline isolation and valve operation.                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Procurement & Vendor Support

Hycroft will work with multiple vendors to ensure that the all items have been checked for technical requirements and market price to esure maximum value for our clients.                                                        


Hycroft can provide onsite commissioning support for a wide range of facilities. Our team will ensure that start-up is completed in a safe and timely manner.

Analyzer Upgrades

Hycroft has experience in replacement of many types of analyzers and understands the different challenges that need to be considered for any analyzer replacement.                                                                                                                            

As-Built Updates & Field Verifiation 

Hycroft provides drafting services with a focus on updating as-built drawings. Hycroft understands the importance of clear and accurate drawings that are compatible with client's document systems and standards. Hycroft supplies qualified engineers and drafters to update a wide range of drawings.

Commissioning Software

Supply and management of web-based constuction and completions managment systems (CCMS) that integrates mutliple platform and EPCM data for clients.